God bless Swift!

I chose Swift for learning as my next programming language after finishing Python 3. Now, I’m reading and practicing python 3 with Python Crash Course and even did a pull request on it for likely new review/version of that book.

I started digging Swift after thenextweb‘s article on Google’s considering Swift as a first class programming language for Android (although I am almost sure it is almost impossible). After a few month of that article, I forked an orphaned repository on github to bring Swift 4 on my favorite desktop distro, Fedora. Now, I have this swift4-on-fedora public repository on github and I’ll test building Swift 4 RPM package on Fedora 27 as soon as I installed it on my PC.

I read theverge‘s article on Swift code will run on Google’s Fuchsia OS and now, I’m more confident than ever on Apple’s Swift programming language bright future.



UPDATE: As I moved to development team as a DevOps engineer recently and our stack is based on Golang, so I stopped studying Swift and started Golang.