History of the United States (book)

I am not going to talk about project Gutenberg, but about a book I am reading these days. The book is History of the United States by Helen Pierson. Thanks to project Gutenberg, I can read books on my old Android phone. I did a  search books about people I always admire like, Benjamin Franklin, Abraham Lincoln and some other great people, but unfortunately there were not a lot of books about them. I can not hide my passion to the Unite States, So, I started reading EPUB version of the History of the United States in words of one syllable book on my phone.

There are several editions of this book, like 2010 paper back edition and the latest edition (up to the day I am writing this post!), but the edition I’m reading now is 1889 edition of the history of the United States.

Now, I’m reading page 33 and I really enjoyed reading these 33 pages. This is a thin book and I suggest you to read it.