God bless Swift!

I chose Swift for learning as my next programming language after finishing Python 3. Now, I’m reading and practicing python 3 with Python Crash Course and even did a pull request on it for likely new review/version of that book.

I started digging Swift after thenextweb‘s article on Google’s considering Swift as a first class programming language for Android (although I am almost sure it is almost impossible). After a few month of that article, I forked an orphaned repository on github to bring Swift 4 on my favorite desktop distro, Fedora. Now, I have this swift4-on-fedora public repository on github and I’ll test building Swift 4 RPM package on Fedora 27 as soon as I installed it on my PC.

I read theverge‘s article on Swift code will run on Google’s Fuchsia OS and now, I’m more confident than ever on Apple’s Swift programming language bright future.



UPDATE: As I moved to development team as a DevOps engineer recently and our stack is based on Golang, so I stopped studying Swift and started Golang.

What are the minimum features of a 2017 smartphone?

Before installing LineageOMS 14.1 on my Sony Xperia M phone, I decided to buy a new smartphone. In one side, I didn’t want to spend a lot of money for purchasing a high end smart phone. On the other side, I wanted to buy something had could be updatable for at least 2 years, so I can focus on other things rather than finding custom ROMs for updating the OS. Apple’s iPhones are very high quality smartphones, but they are very very expensive. I was thought about iPhone SE because its OS is iOS and it was not as expensive as iPhone 7 or even iPhone 6S. The only problem with iPhone SE was its front camera with 1.2 mega pixel camera. I continued googling but this time, looking for Android phones with minimum features I just like. Here are most important ones:

LED technology display

LCD era is over. Now, we are in LED displays. In a short sentence, LCD displays need a backlight and are not colorful. Colors are generated after passing light from red, green, blue filters. Read more about disadvantages of LCD. LEDs are naturally colorful (using different semi-conductors) and do not need any backlight. So they are brighter, use less energy and have vivid colors. AMOLEDs will be dominant display technology very soon. Sony, LG, HTC, Huawei and others awaited for Apple to introduce an iPhone with AMOLED display to follow its way and build their new display with AMOLED display.s


These days, mobile phone manufacturers try to use efficient ways of notifying people. From substituting traditional LED notification light to use second display like what LG V20 has. I think the most efficient way for notification is using AOD (Always On Display) like what Samsung is using on its flagship smartphones and even mid range phones like Galaxy A5 2017.

Finger print sensor

Take much time to unlock your smartphone? Do not want everybody to watch your password or pattern? Finger print sensor is a good way to achieve this.

Fast Charge

Our usage of smartphone is increasing. So better to buy a smartphone with fast charge feature.

USB type C

Everybody in this world have problem with attaching USB (Type A, B, MicroUSB and all other types except type C) cable and gadgets. It is not reversible and we almost attach 50% of times in reverse direction. It is an annoyable thing and in worst case, you may damage the port. Reversible USB Type C is the solution!

Good selfie camera

Go to trip and hard to find someone to take a good and sharp of you? You have to buy a smartphone with a good selfie camera. It’s better to have front flash, but it’s not a big deal.


At last but not least, price is an important item. You can use your smartphone maximum 3 years (if your phone is a flagship and 2 years if your phone is a mid level phone) if you want to update to the latest updates. So, I recommend you to not spend a lot of money for purchasing a very high end phone.

My suggestion

With this and that, in Aug 2017, my recommended mobile phones is Samsung Galaxy C5 pro. Its main features are 5.2″ display, Super AMOLED full HD display,  4GB of RAM, 64GB of internal storage, USB type C, AOD, fast charge, finger print sensor, 16 M pixel f 1.9 rear and front camera and Android Nougat with a price about 350 USD on Amazon.

If you can ignore using LED display,  Huawei Nova 2 plus can be an alternate.