The Circle (2017 film)

Last night, Forough and I watched the Circle movie featuring Emma Watson and Tom Hanks through a satellite channel. The movie addressed one of main concerns these days, “privacy“. Forough and I both enjoyed the movie and it made us to think about privacy specially in digital era more. I think Google, Facebook, Apple, Samsung and could become a Circle if they are more evil and more ambitious.

Take care of your privacy in your digital life!

Android Nougat on my 2013 mobile phone

Android 4.3 (also known as jelly bean) was the last official update brought to my Sony Xperia M (also known as nicki). My biggest problem with my phone was not its outdated OS, but lack of free internal storage space for installing new applications and lots of bloatware on my phone. My first try was to root my device and remove unwanted applications. Unfortunately, it didn’t go well because actually there were not lots of applications for uninstall.

I heard of custom ROMs specifically CyanogenMod and tried to install CM13 (Android 6.0 AKA Marshmallow) on my C2005 mobile phone. The first step was unlocking the boot loader. Fortunately, Sony provides a good support for unlocking its devices’ boot loader. This step was quite easy and straight forward. My phone was rooted and its boot loader was unlocked. So, I installed TWRP (Team Win Recovery Project) on my phone, and android tools on my Fedora desktop, and followed instructions for installing CM 13.  Everything went smoothly and after a couple hours, I had Marshmallow on my phone. After that, I tried to update my phone once a month or so.

CyanogenMod was faced a lot of problem and decided to stop the project and shuts down its servers. The latest version of CM I’d installed on my phone was the latest build of CM14.1 (Android 7.1.1) and had a few bugs that annoyed me a lot. The most nuisance I’ve ever faced with recent builds of CM was the problem that it was going slow and slow over time and I had to re-flash it again periodically. Even, I tried AOSP (Marshmallow and Nougat)  but I didn’t like it. It has fewer features and does not provide root access.

A buggy build of CM 14.1 on my Xperia M mobile phone

After CM’s shut down, I was completely disappointed of custom ROMs but as I recently disappointed of Samsung A5 2017 because of its front camera focus issue, I googled and find LineageOS for my nicki phone. The reason I didn’t try LineageOS in earlier time was because I read somewhere that LineageOS does not give you root access.

Now, I have the latest minor update of Android Nougat on my phone and I’m so happy with that. I also have flashed Open Google Apps and now, I am able to use all of features the official Google android ROMs have.

Special thanks to LineageOMS.

P.S. 1 : I didn’t faced any bug or problem during recent days after installing LineageOS 14.1 on my phone.

P.S. 2 : Actually as LineageOS has orphaned nicki support, so I tried LineageOMS!

Stable, great and lovely  LineageOMS on my Sony C2005 mobile phone

EleComp 2017

Two days ago, Ali, Mehrnoosh and me went to Elecomp 2017. Like previous years, mobile operators and ISPs invested a lot. I heard that it costs a lot for hardware manufacturers to participate in Elecomp exhibition. Also, I heard that next year elecomp and telecom will be merged in 1 exhibition with probably new name.

I am so happy to see few more hardware companies at EleComp 2017.

Here are few pictures of this year elecomp.

July 4th 2017

Well, I just know that today is Forth of July. But I do not know what to write on this blog post.

It’s couple months that I had some researches and few discussions about the United States. After all of those, I just figured it out that (almost) the strongest part of the United States that made it the United States of America is it’s constitution. Thing that is owed to Thomas Jefferson, John AdamsGeorge Washington, Benjamin Franklin, John Hancock and others. The latest thing I’ve read (actually I’ve listened because it was an audio book from LibriVox ) about the U.S. was A Short History of the United States  by Edward Channing .

God bless the United States and it’s constitution.

Long USB charger cable

The problem is, my original Sony micro USB to USB 2.0 is very short. It’s about 50 centimeters and I couldn’t work with my smartphone while it’s charging. Other than that, the cable Forough used to use for charging her Huawei work smartphone has been damaged because it is very thin and does not work properly.

I bought 2 long micro USB to USB 2.0 cables ( one is a 2 meters cable, another is a 3 meters) for Forough and myself. Although this cables has just 2 wires for charging phones and does not have data wires, but it’s OK because we just need them for charging. They used a thick plastic cover, so they could deceive me it has a thick cooper wires. But unfortunately xp-product is used a very low quality thin wires, so when you use 3 meter cable as a charge cable, your charge speed will  dramatically decrease from 1.5 hour (10-100%) to about  10 hours!

PS:  The latest photo has been taken from Mehrnoosh’s LG V20 smartphone. I’ll write my review and my criticism for her new smartphone in next posts.