Disassemble Lenovo IdeaPad 300

Last day, Farshid asked me to take a look at Lenovo IdeaPad 300 that Mr. Ahmadi complaint he can not turn it on. Farshid spent some time on it and finally asked me for some help. I checked items Farshid has just thought may cause the problem. I thought it maybe something related to the software so we had to reboot it but as laptop was fully charged and waiting for depleting the battery might take a long time (because the device does not use battery. Finally as the battery is not removable in Ideapad 300, we decided to disassemble it! At this time Mehrnoosh joint us to see what is happening there. As I studied electronics and I had some prior experience on disassembling and mending devices, I started the work! Disassembling was somewhat easy. It got back to old days of hardware and electronic.


P.S. : The problem was something more serious, so we decided to sent it to one of Lenovo’s authorized repair shops.

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