July 4th 2017

Well, I just know that today is Forth of July. But I do not know what to write on this blog post.

It’s couple months that I had some researches and few discussions about the United States. After all of those, I just figured it out that (almost) the strongest part of the United States that made it the United States of America is it’s constitution. Thing that is owed to Thomas Jefferson, John AdamsGeorge Washington, Benjamin Franklin, John Hancock and others. The latest thing I’ve read (actually I’ve listened because it was an audio book from LibriVox ) about the U.S. was A Short History of the United States  by Edward Channing .

God bless the United States and it’s constitution.

Long USB charger cable

The problem is, my original Sony micro USB to USB 2.0 is very short. It’s about 50 centimeters and I couldn’t work with my smartphone while it’s charging. Other than that, the cable Forough used to use for charging her Huawei work smartphone has been damaged because it is very thin and does not work properly.

I bought 2 long micro USB to USB 2.0 cables ( one is a 2 meters cable, another is a 3 meters) for Forough and myself. Although this cables has just 2 wires for charging phones and does not have data wires, but it’s OK because we just need them for charging. They used a thick plastic cover, so they could deceive me it has a thick cooper wires. But unfortunately xp-product is used a very low quality thin wires, so when you use 3 meter cable as a charge cable, your charge speed will  dramatically decrease from 1.5 hour (10-100%) to about  10 hours!

PS:  The latest photo has been taken from Mehrnoosh’s LG V20 smartphone. I’ll write my review and my criticism for her new smartphone in next posts.